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    NexsysADC Automated Dispensing Cabinet

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    NexsysADC Automated Dispensing Cabinet

    NexsysADC™ is the most secure technology to manage controlled medications, STAT/first doses and e-kits. NexsysADC dramatically improves current manual methods for safely storing and dispensing non-patient specific medications at the point of care (especially controlled meds and high-value meds). This highly efficient system brings peace of mind for the pharmacy, and process improvement for the facility’s nursing staff alike. At all times, you know what medications are inside each NexsysADC cabinet, who’s accessing them, and what medication is dispensed to which patient. The end result: Medications are secured, and ROI is assured for both the pharmacy and the facility.


    • Choose the design: Available in main cabinet size and countertop 4T size.
    • Choose the right level of security and access: Each pharmacy and senior care facility staff member is assigned user privileges. And with the pharmacy and facility connected 24/7 via cloud networking, the system tracks what medication is picked, who picked it, and for which patient.
    • Choose the right quantity of controlled meds to store in CAMs: The proprietary Controlled Access Modules (CAMs) are tamper-resistant, locking, individual cells that hold single doses. Each CAM can hold up to 25 SKUs.
    • Choose the number of NexsysADC units to deploy: NexsysADC is the only practical, affordable automated dispensing cabinet so you can deploy at each facility, not just the largest. Cloud connectivity allows you to easily expand to more facilities.

    NexsysADC is designed for:

    • Offsite control of non-patient specific controlled and high-value medications
    • Decentralized medication inventory control
    • Starter doses, STAT doses, 1st doses, e-kits
    • Avoidance of controlled medication theft and loss
    • Cost-cutting (decrease or eliminate local pharmacy delivery fees)
    • Billing control